Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great post on Dice about Independent magazines.

Check out the DiCE blog for a nice write up about Independent magazines.
We're thrilled to be included in the list. You should check out all of the magazines listed and continue to support the small indy publications. THE INDYS

Monday, April 16, 2012

Killer Sunday! Kundractic Swap Meet and Lowside Crab Feast

Oliver and Mario warming up Brit and Anna's tires on the back of Murph's truck before the cops come. Glen and Tammy thanks for having us!

view from inside the garage of the crab feast/ drunk skate session/glen shovel runs/burnout on little bikes party

My fat ass can still barely olley over 3 beer cans

Murph and Tim tag teamin the ramp

Waiting for the big moment of Glen getting his shovel running.

Lowside view at Kundractic's swap.

All kinds of cool old stuff for sale at Kundratic's! This was the best swap yet!