Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whatchu Talkin' bout, Willis?

Hey now, I figured I'd chime in too. Some of you know me but for those who don't, I'm Sean Sweeney and write under the name XsSpeed. Up until last month, I wrote for The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine for 10 years. I have been building bikes part-time since 1996. I'm not from a gearhead family - I just got interested in fabrication and learned on my own (and took some classes). I grew up skateboarding and although skating was my life from 5th grade on, I was never all that good. Here I am in 1983 on my 1/4 pipe.

Luckily, my 12 year old has gotten into skating, so at 45, I got a board and started skating again. I also play bass, sing backup vocals, and write songs for my grunge/punk band Soulful Aggression. We're playing this thursday at the Recher Theater in Towson and the Sidebar in Baltimore May 12th. Come check us out. I hope to contribute some cool stuff to the magazine and this blog. Thanks to Rich and everybody for asking me to be a part of something new, fresh, and pure. Stay Cool, Sean


  1. Sean its an honour to be on the same team as you. We've never met but Ive followed and read your stuff since you started. Lookin forward to sharing and swapping ideas and knowledge with you.

  2. Thanks Blair! I look forward to working with you too. Watch out for those Canadian Dinosaurs!

  3. Welcome aboard amigo!


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