Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Lowside Magazine Crew makes it to the big screen boob tube.

It all started with a trip to Florida with the Lowside Magazine crew to team up and party with Dime City Cycles. In the process we were filmed for an upcoming Cafe Racer TV special on the Discovery Channel.

Despite high wind, cold temperature, and the forecast of rain the crew showed up on their garage built bikes to share in the fun.

Ooh, the excitement builds as we wait for the appointed hour.

Ahhhhh, the time has come, and the crowd is ready for flesh.

There he is,,, our fearless leader “Lowside Rich”. Heute Baltimore, morgen die ganze Welt!

Dats right MFs,,, Lowside magazine flashed on the big screen in front of millions.

Wanna see more? Then slide in over to for the whole story

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