Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Business Saturday

With all the Hype of Holiday shopping on the horizon, it's important to remember the small businesses out there. Whether it's a small company online, or a local shop in your area. The small sale that you give them, means more than any sale that you give to a chain store. And chances are, the item you buy will be a more unique and cherished gift than any item that you get from a chain store.

So Swing by your local shop and pick up the perfect gift, whether it's a t-shirt, magazine, book, gift certificate, cool part or artwork. There are many unique gifts to be found in other places besides Wally World.

Have you thought about gifting a subscription to Lowside? Who wouldn't love that?

Looking for leather, head on over to and use the code lsm12 with your purchase for a free gift.

For more information about Small Business Saturday, check out this link:

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